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About Me

Hey people looking at my profile, you took the time to read this, in which case GTFO YOU CREEP (lol jk...but seriously).
List about me:
1. I love rock music.
2. I'm catholic (OMG I'M BRAINWASHED BY TEH CRAZY PEOPLEZ!!) shut up, stop that, sit down, be quiet.
3. I wanna be a law enforcement guy when I grow up (OMG YOU PIG GO DIE IN A PIANFULL FIRE!!) you just earned your ass a ticket when i pull you over.
4. I normally stay in the blog section.
5. I love arguing with intelligent individuals who have an actuall argument.
6. I could care less about gramma punctuation and fact "RAED WEHT I'M SYNIAG NAO BCTIH"
7. I upload galleries and blogs mostly, not that I don;t know how to upload movies...which I don;t, but still. I only upload galleries that are fairly unique to this site so subscribe if you want.
8. My quote: Racism is a sign of fear and reacting to that racism is a sign of insecurity.

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