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About Me

Average dude who loves video games, (MrMike684) gamertag on Xbox One, come c me if ya got game...Other than that i always look to the sky's, keeping an open mind towards everything, i believe in everything religiously, and one day hope that humanity can evolve from humanities war time games to a global society focusing on world problems like Pollution,Hunger,Poverty, as a whole not as divided nations, proveniences,and countries. I believe we all are here for a reason, think about it, if a dirty bomb goes off close enough to your residence and your neighbor is black,white,asain or whatever comes and helps you and you both pitch in to provide for each others families...were all in the same boat. Rich,Poor,Black,White,Asain,Mixed like me with kids that are blonde and blue eyes with dark skin doesn't matter because at the end of the day its about weather you ate or not.

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