Brad Marchand Goes Happy Gilmore, Punches Goalie in the Side of the Head

In a wild display of frustration and stupidity the Bruins' winger threw a punch at Penguins' goalie, Tristan Jarry.

Marchand has a history of poor sportsmanship and intent to injure, including 7 prior suspensions. He'll have a hearing to decide whether or not his actions will lead to an 8th.

In the video we can see the play is clearly over, words are exchanged between Jarry and Marchand, then the punch lands. He also slashes Jarry with his stick while being led of the ice by the ref.

Bad blood had been brewing between the two players even before puck drop. Jarry was attempting to toss a puck over the boards to a Penguins fan when Marchand poked his stick and blocked the puck. Petty to say the least.

The actions of Brad Marchand reminded us of another hot-headed hockey player; Happy Gilmore. Happy would eventually hang up his skates after missing the cut multiple years. He would however, go on to have an illustrious golf career winning the 1996 Tour Championship.

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Safe to say we've seen this tactic before.
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