Orangutan Hands Idiot His Own Ass

A guy visiting the zoo got a little too close for comfort to the Orangutan exhibit -- and got taught in lesson in ape strength.

This speaks volumes to the zoo and their competency -- letting visitors get that close to one of the great apes with arms as long as an orangutan is a facepalm dwarfed only by the idiot who thought it would be a good idea to try shaking hands with one. That and it's pretty amazing he didn't just take off his t-shirt right when things started to get real.

But he didn't. And the dude got taught a real lesson in ape strength, with him almost completely horizontal to the ground at one point. You can even catch a moment where the orangutan is holding onto him with three out of four limbs. Not a chance.

Generally considered the most mild-mannered of the great apes, some speculate that either the orangutan was simply playing around with the man or that it was unhappy and atypically aggressive because of either poor treatment or bad facilities at its enclosure.
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