Resurfaced ‘Raw’ Footage Shows Eddie Murphy Destroying Bill Cosby

Imagine back to the time when Bill Cosby was the good guy, and Eddie Murphy, the foul-mouthed comedian. We'll if you're old enough, and we assume you are, you remember what Eddie Murphy was like in the late 80s, early 90s, and pg-13 ain't it.

Here we have a video from the time Bill Cosby tried to tell Eddie to stop swearing so much in his comedy specials, a bit of advice that Eddie took rather personally. So personally, in fact, he did the exact opposite.

In this stand-up special footage from 1987's 'Raw', Eddie Murphy gives us a detailed encounter of Cosby calling him and telling him not to swear in his act.

Eddie Murphy hilariously counters with the fact that he doesn't just scream swear words and call it a night.

Without spoiling the joke, I'll just say that we get peak Eddie Murphy as he gives us his Cosby and Richard Pryor impressions in one clip.

For the record, Bill Cosby can mind his own business and rot in hell.
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