Enjoy a Few Funny Fails to Break Up the Work Day

Fails are something that can happen to any one of us, without warning and usually at the worst possible time. Check out this small collection of funny fail videos, just in case you felt like having a laugh or two at the expense of someone else.
Helmets are generally a good idea for anyone riding a bike, skateboarding, roller skating / roller blading, or in this case riding a scooter. Unfortunately for this poor guy, it wouldn't have done much since his failure resulted in him faceplanting into the sidewalk.

How’d that concrete taste?

♬ original sound Bryce Hansen

In this clip, this girl is experiencing a VR simulator at what appears to be a mall. Her time on the ride doesn't last very long as the whole machine collapses and falls over about 15 seconds into her ride.

Little kids are always zooming around, often running at full speeds. This can often result in smashing into things as their sense of spatial awareness and coordination are still developing.

♬ Originalton - Saaude.real

This bald dude gets pranked on the street with a fart machine and is so tickled by it he ends up going down using his face to break his fall.
@svmmr_ #fyp #funny ♬ original sound - Aidan Mohr

There are correct and incorrect ways to hold and shoot firearms. This guy chose the wrong way and the result is a recoil that causes the gun to smash him in the face.
@failarmy Right in the kisser! #FailArmy ..#kickback #guns #fails #failvideo #dumbfail ♬ original sound - FailArmy

This guy decided to full send his golf cart. He hits a ramp gets some decent air but does not stick the landing.
@whistleworthy This was never gonna work (blakethomas35/IG) #golfcart #golf #fail #crash #golfcartfail #funny #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Whistle Worthy

These two girls were drinking some sort of red beverage when inexplicably the one on the right coughs or briefly chokes causing her to spit the red liquid all over herself.
@epicfunnyfails Tag a friend lol #fyp #funnyvideos #foryou #comedy #fail ♬ original sound - Funny Videos

This woman's husband was attempting to climb onto the counter (with socks on, never a good idea) to change some lightbulbs when he loses his footing and falls onto the counter before falling off the counter with his wife making a futile attempt to catch him.
@fjerry Ouch #fyp #4u #fail #comedy ♬ original sound - FJerry
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