Barnyard Buddies Rescue Their Friend from a Hawk Attack

As enjoyable and cute nature can be at times, it is also a vicious and ongoing cycle of survival of the fittest. The food chain can be a harsh mistress for the animals of the world as they fight to provide for themselves while trying to outmaneuver the animals looking to turn them into a quick lunch.

These farm animals transformed into heroes like those in the tear-jerking cartoon Animals of Farthing Wood, as a goat and rooster rushed to save their chicken pal as it was attacked by a hawk.

The person who owns the farm, Jaap Beets was standing in his farmhouse in Gelderland, Netherlands, when he heard loud screaming and a commotion from his livestock outside. Incredible CCTV footage showed a goshawk as it dive-bombed one of his brown chickens, sending feathers flying all over the place. Another Chicken immediately came rushing over to help his feathered friend, and a goat who was also nearby came over and delivered some savage headbutts to fight the bird off prey off his buddy.
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