Florida Man Doesn’t Remember Taking Alligator on His Blacked Out Beer Run

Florida men are known for their propensity in dealing with alligators, and three dudes in Duval county Florida have been arrested for handling an alligator a little too well. 

"This store sells some good liquor, and I drank a lot of it that night," said 28 year Robby Stratton while speaking to the news. Robby, who's Instagram handle is drunkrob, was filmed carrying an alligator around a gas station, and using it chase people around and grab some beer. But allegedly, he doesn't remember any of it. The video was posted on Facebook, and ultimately he, and two other men involved were arrested on charges of animal cruelty. "They told me what I did was stupid," Robby said calmly. "I'll be facing some charges here soon, and polly go to jail, prolly not, we'll see."

"What kills me is the alligator isn’t even putting up a fight," one person commented. "He was all in." Other people were firmly in support of Robby's actions. "As a Floridian I don’t understand what the problem is," one person said. "Charges for what? Open carry of a snippy lizard?" We've seen gas stations held up before, but using a gator as the weapon is a legendary Florida man twist. As this person said, "I been drunk, but I ain't never been 'no clue where I got an alligator' drunk."


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