Founder of the "Birds Aren't Real" Movement Trolls Chicago Morning News Live on Air

The internet has no shortage of conspiracy theories. Maybe it's because of the instant and endless access to information, or that essentially anyone can have a voice and a presence online, but either way, there is a whole plethora of them ranging from believable to downright ridiculous.

Meet Peter Mcindoe, the founder of the "Birds Aren't Real" movement which if you haven't figured it out already, claims that birds are not real but instead government surveillance drones used to spy on us. If that's not wild enough, last month the Birds Aren’t Real members protested outside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco to demand that the company change its bird logo.

Peter McIndoe, a 23-year-old college dropout created Birds Aren’t Real on a whim in 2017. “It’s a way to combat troubles in the world that you don’t really have other ways of combating,” said Claire Chronis, 22, a Birds Aren’t Real organizer in Pittsburgh. “My favorite way to describe the organization is fighting lunacy with lunacy.”

Watch this funny moment McIndoe was being interviewed on Chicago Morning News when he pulls a funny but kinda gross prank on the hosts as he spits out coffee and appears to be chocking slightly. The anchors take it in stride and just keep moving right along.
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Uploaded 01/07/2022
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