Glenn Howerton's Hilarious Tesla Story Captures How Dumb Modern Tech Has Become

Glenn Howerton's hilarious Tesla story on 'The Always Sunny Podcast' nails the problems with technology in the modern world. Howerton, who played Dennis on the popular 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' sitcom, tells the story of how his Tesla got stuck in a parking garage for days because of a broken key fob, and lack of cell phone service. Of course, this all could have been prevented with the quite old, but still common and certainly effective invention called the key.

Howerton goes on about all of his efforts to retrieve his car through his own troubleshooting, calls with Tesla customer service, and towing with AAA. Ultimately, after all else fails, he is forced to accept defeat on two separate days, and calls Tesla to inform them that they have lost a customer. The brilliant story teller that he is, Howerton's take on events is both engaging from start to finish, and littered with metaphor to the plight of the modern world and its relationship with ever over-bearing technology.
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