TikTok Witch Fails to Hex Bro, Accuses Him of Being a Wizard

TikTok creator Ethan Keiser @itsethankeiser, challenged a TikTok witch to put a curse on him. He sent her clippings of his hair, his nails, and a photo of himself through the mail to ensure she had all she needed to craft a powerful curse.

The only problem is, the curse didn't work. The witch performing the hex told Keiser to wait three weeks for the curse to take effect, though she never specified exactly what the impact of the curse would be.

So after the three weeks were up and nothing happened, Ethan thought he had the witch in a gotcha moment. However, the witch did not see things the same way. Instead, she accused him of being a wizard and a Mason for having evaded her curse.

If this all sounds terribly silly, don't worry, it is. And while Ethan seems to have made it through the ordeal curse free, we can't help but wonder if his time will soon come.
@itsethankeiser The only rational answer is im a wizard? This video is not bullying. Ive only shared the facts of the past two weeks and made no statement of my own. #witchtok #science #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ 28 Days Later - Main Theme - Geek Music
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