Dude Remarkably Chill About Pinky Getting Eaten by Shark

WARNING: Potentially disturbing content.

Tiktoker Ogeelashly was, by his own account, out shark-fishing and 'catchin' cudas' when he had a rather unfortunate... if not somewhat predictable incident involving a lemon shark. While reaching down to retrieve his hook from the shark, he ended up grabbing the animal a little too close to the mouth -- and the rows of razor-sharp teeth waiting inside.

Wriggling around, the shark manages to snag Ogeelashly's pinky and -- somewhat surprisingly to land-lubbers like myself -- does something similar to a crocodile's 'death roll' and spins around, effectively unscrewing the man's pinky from his hand.

The man, however, seems remarkably chill for a guy who just had an appendage eaten by a shark. More... bummed than panicked -- so kudos to him for keeping relatively cool when many others might have completely lost their sh*t. Based on the second part, it seems like they retrieved his pinky and he might be able to keep it, depending on what happens medically.
@ogeelashs #shark #pinky #backupaccount ♬ original sound - Ogeelashs

Here we get to hear from the guy, nursing a fresh set of bandages, as he describes the moment and the immediate aftermath. Again, pretty chill about it -- all things considered.

@ogeelashs Replying to @elibarrows THIS IS THE GUY !!! @reedermandyy ♬ original sound - Ogeelashs
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