His Ring Became Part Of His DNA At This Point

Jewelry has been a part of the fashion of human beings since the dawn of man essentially. One of the oldest pieces of jewelry / earliest known examples was found in a cave in the western Morocco desert. Archaeologists have dubbed this discovery the world's oldest jewelry, which was a set of shell beads dated from 142,000 and 150,000 years ago. It seems as soon as people were able to make rope or string from plants they began fashioning accessories in the form of necklaces and bracelets and obviously, jewelry is still a huge part of today's modern fashion and accessories.

In this WTF clip, we see the finger of a man who is wearing a gold ring, that is partially embedded into his flesh. Apparently, the man who wore this ring every single day and didn't remove or take off his ring for over 10 years had to undergo a medical procedure to remove it as it became embedded in his skin. Just a stark reminder that no matter how much you love a piece of jewelry, you need to take it off from time to time.
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