'If You Don't Know How to Order Food Then Go Somewhere Else': Drive-Through Manager Berates Customer For Ordering Sandwich Incorrectly

Ordering at a drive through can be a stressful experience, especially if you have some special requests for your meal. But if you decide to be pesky with your order, just make sure that you do it clearly and concisely, or you might be served some attitude alongside your four-for-four courtesy of this manager.

When the woman filming complains about attitude she received while ordering, this drive-through manager is more than ready to take her on. Their argument stems from the woman editing her sandwich order after already asking for other food. "It doesn't have to be that difficult to order a sandwich," the manager says. "There's a way to order it, and it just confuses the cooks in the front." As things get heated, she lets her true feelings be known. "If you don't know how to order food then go somewhere else."

While it's hard to know who's in the wrong without hearing the order itself, many people sided with the manager on account of the food service industry. "People who think food is just supposed to materialize out of thin air with no regard for the labor..." one person comments. "Working in customer service, you GET it."
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