Incel Calls Cops on Woman He’s Been Stalking after She Rejected Him

This stalker films his interaction with the police after calling them himself, to report being 'threatened' by his victim's father. The stalker, Jacob Yerkes, recounts his version of events to the police officers, who quickly pick up on his suspect behavior and twisted way of thinking.

He apparently entered Cracker Barrel, her place of work, with the intention of playing her one of his songs. Upon getting in her car and driving away, Yerkes chases her multiple blocks. When questioned on this by the officers, he claims that women like to be chased. He goes on to openly tell the police that he thinks his behavior is normal because most women have 'rape fantasies' and that he thinks she should do porn. He also says he's destined to be a huge DJ, and is insulted that she can't see that. The interaction quickly turns south, and the officer advises him to vacate the premises and leave the woman alone, stating that fathers will hurt people to protect their daughters. After getting in his car, Jacob delivers a chilling message, saying "bad s**t happens to women who don't come to terms with themselves." If that's not an explicit threat of rape, I'm not sure what is.

Here's a sample of the music that will make him 'huge.' It's even worse than you're imagining.

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