Jake Paul Stole Floyd Mayweather's Hat and Got Jaw-Jacked for It

There's been a ton of heated trash talk between the Paul and Mayweather camp. Jake decided to snatch Mayweather's hat and caught some pre-fight hands for it.
At a presser for the upcoming Mayweather vs Paul circus, Jake Paul decided he couldn't physically bear the spotlight being rightfully on his older brother, Logan, and chose to get in Floyd Mayweather's face, stealing his hat and starting a brawl he quickly regretted.

It looks like Paul forgot that Mayweather was neither a YouTuber, a basketball player, nor a retired MMA fighter coming off hip surgery but in fact one of the greatest boxers of all time. After Paul grabbed Mayweather's hat, which probably costs as much as a small apartment, Mayweather's team pounced on Paul and everyone else -- dealing more damage to Jake Paul in the course of a few seconds than the YouTuber has experienced in his entire life.

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This likely doesn't bode well for Logan Paul, the one actually scheduled to get in the ring with Mayweather. Before this fiasco, Paul was probably looking at an easygoing Mayweather willing to carry Paul into the later rounds and put on a show for the audience. Now he's likely dealing with a pissed-off Floyd poised to either send him to the shadow realm or slow roast him for the entirety of their match.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul have exchanged verbal blows in a press conference promoting their pay-per-view fight. #loganpaul #boxing #jakepaul

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After the scuffle, instead of cooling things off in an effort to save his own life, Logan Paul doubled down with some pretty heinous trash talk. Paul is scheduled to die on June 6th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.
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