Karen Does 40-Yard Dash in Record Time to Express Her Displeasure at a Man Sitting in His Car

DJ Turner III posted the fastest 40-yard dash time in the 2023 NFL Combine. The former Michigan Wolverine corner and current Cincinnati Bengal 2nd round draft pick posted a blistering time of 4.26 seconds; the 5th fastest time in combine history. But it turns out that if he'd been running to tell a couple sitting in their car that they're trespassing, he might have gone a bit faster. 

That was the motivation behind this Karen's lightning sprint, as she made sure to tell a couple admiring a view of a lake that they were not welcome. Fortunately, the man was ready with some wicked comebacks. 

“My tax is more than your whole salary,” he tells her. "I'm more American than you." With more than 20 million views on TikTok, plenty of people joined the roast. 

"Reminded me of that cop from cloudy with a chance of meatballs," Lizbeth commented. 

"The way she hurdled that parking stop," 1amwavy said. 

Well, if the Bengals want to find another speedy draft pick, perhaps to bolster their O-line, all they need to do is sit and admire the view of a lake in peace.

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