Rampaging Karen Intentionally Crashes into as Many Cars as She Can

This Karen in Mission Viejo California went completely off the rails and was intentionally crashing into every single car in this Chrisanta Drive parking lot.

The driver was allegedly Aria Martin, who was later arrested after causing a different accident outside of the parking lot. An update video claims that she tried to stab the other accident victim, and was under the influence over the course of her entire rampage. Photos of Martin have not been released, but she was supposedly held under $25,000 bail, and charged with driving under the influence, assault using a deadly weapon, and more.

One parking lot victim, Suha Sleibi, tried to stop Martin before jumping out of the way. “I did not think she was going to hit me, honestly. I thought by standing there was going to deter her. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and she came charging at me.” It is still unclear what triggered this incident.
@makaylah0yt soooo this happened at work today. I’m so glad I parked in the back…. this video was from another guy who worked in our building. She ended up getting on the freeway after this and they shut down the freeway. I think she got arrested but I’m not sure. #missionviejo #orangecounty #hitandrun ♬ original sound - kay
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