Larry David Plays Himself in Skeptical Crypto Super Bowl Commercial

Larry David is as skeptical a person as there is, so for a brand trying to buy some of his credibility, featuring him in a Super Bowl ad about a new crypto exchange, is honestly sort of brilliant. Here Larry plays himself in a commercial for FTX, as he's shown to turn his nose at a millennium of monumental achievements, starting with the wheel and ending with crypto.

If you tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday, you were treated to a number of commercials promoting cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges, like FTX and Coinbase.

Now while you might have your own opinions about the future of "defi", you can't help but agree that the celebs are being brought out in full force to help promote this "new space".

And for those who are skeptical about crypto, this new exchange, FTX has just the voice for you. A known skeptic himself, Larry David. But only time will tell if, this newfound invention, "money" will catch on or not.
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