Leopard Uses Frightening Intelligence to Stalk Her Prey

This clip shows a leopardess stalking a Springbok with the poise and lethal precision only an apex predator honed by millions of years of evolution can display.

Look at just how still she can sit -- just how frighteningly aware she is of the springbok's line of sight, using the cover of the ridge and tree to remain silent and invisible as she readies to pounce.

Almost like a cautionary tale about listening to your gut, notice the Springbok seems to register that something... something but chooses to ignore this vital instinct and continue to graze.

Imagine minding your own business, enjoying what you have no idea is your last few moments of sunshine, feeling the final gust of breeze you'll ever feel roll over the Savanna -- all the while, a massive feline killing machine is silently watching you, creeping closer with every heartbeat. Chilling.

We feel for the Springbok, of course, whose final moments are largely hidden by the tall grass, but cannot help but stop and stare in awe at the frightening lethality of the leopardess .
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