Man Reviews the Best Frozen Pizzas From the Frozen Pizza Expo

The food TikToker SnacksEatingSnacks, or Kevin, went to the 2023 national food expo as part of his "mission to find the best new frozen pizza that you'll be able to get in the next year."

Kevin is no stranger to reviewing pizza, and has rated the famous Miami Slice shop, and David Dobrik's poorly reviewed pizza restaurant just to name a few. Not afraid to criticize what he doesn't like, Kevin shows off a few less than appetizing frozen pizzas before making his decision; Katie's pizza from St. Louis. "They're frozen pizza was the hit of the expo," he says, "and for good reason."

Kevin's video has almost 2 million views on TikTok, and people couldn't wait to try some of Katie's palatable pies for themselves. "When will Katie's pizza be available to buy in stores?" one person asked. In a followup video, Kevin reveals that Katie's originally only sold frozen pizzas during the holiday season, but has now started selling them year round thanks to the new demand. You can buy their frozen pies on Katie's website. That is, if you're willing to order 5 or more items and pay for expensive cross country shipping. 

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