Climate Protestors Throw Mashed Potatoes on $110M Monet

Climate Protestors are once again using food to vandalize art, this time by throwing mashed potatoes over Claude Monet’s $110 million ‘Les Meules’ painting in Germany. The stunt is almost identical to one performed by Just Stop Oil protestors in London, where two women threw tomato soup over Van Gogh's 'Sunflower.' These protests are part of a wave of civil disobedience acts across Europe, as climate activist groups campaign for swift action against global warming.

Wearing reflective vests, these German activists threw mashed potatoes on the painting before appearing to glue their hands to the wall, and making their case. One protestor remained silent, while the other pleaded for action against climate change, stating that she is not scared of food on a painting, but rather possible food shortages in the coming decades. She also says that this painting will mean nothing if people are forced to fight over food.

‘Les Meules,’ often titled 'Haystacks' in English, was behind a layer of protective glass like the Van Gogh, and both were unharmed. The painting will be back on display Wednesday. Both protestors have been arrested, and their names have not been released. It remains to be seen what impact protests like these will have, and whether or not they do more harm than good in turning the public against the cause.
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