Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon Showing Off Their NFTs is Pure Cringe

What the hell has the world come to? Two millionaires on television talking about the shitty monkey drawings they bought for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Please make it stop.

Jimmy 'authentic laugh' Fallon sat down with Paris "my sidekick is now more famous than me' Hilton on an episode of Late Night and the two of them both took the time to congratulate each other on both investing in the same NTFs.

Only, they don't seem to really give a shit. The strange clip is only made weirder by their seeming uninterest in their own investments. "Oh, we belong to the same community," says Paris, Jimmy pauses, "Oh yeah, we do." Wow, how cool. Do they seem like they're faking it? Like they know what they've done is stupid, but they can't admit that publicly? My favorite moment is when the crowd cheers once Jimmy shows off Paris' NFT, which he ironically has printed out onto a piece of cardboard.

The irony is not lost on us.
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