People Think This Woman's Straw Popcorn Buttering Hack Sucks

A local movie theater popcorn maker named Jason Grosboll went viral back in January for his elite popcorn presentation and buttering skills. Dubbed "Popcorn Guy," Jason knew how to make his popcorn just how the people liked it. But what if your own movie theater employee isn't quite as skilled? Well this woman, and plenty of people on TikTok, think they have found an easy hack to do it themselves. But does it suck?

In theory, by poring the butter through a straw, it more easily permeates past the top layer of popcorn and into the rest of the bucket. But not everybody is convinced. 

"The point of the machine is to put butter on your popcorn, not in the bottom of the bucket," @KronikWizard commented. "I would think the bottom falls out halfway through the movie." 

"You’re supposed to request them to “layer” the butter," @LeoGoneSavage
said. "Using a straw to shoot it directly down the middle isn’t layering."

Other commenters pointed out that for the most part, people who think they want extra butter actually want more salt. The thought of adding either to movie theater popcorn makes me want a salad. 

Still, if Jason's virility is anything to go by, there is a tried and true way to make popcorn. 

"Uhh just do half of the popcorn, add butter, give it a shake, top off popcorn, add butter, give it a shake," @kittykushman626 said. "This is silly." 


@gypsyg_ My granddaughter showed me this hack. You put a straw in your popcorn at the theater and the butter runs to the bottom and all your butter is not on top. And it works! #hacks #fyp #popcorn #popcornhack #yummy ♬ original sound - Gypsy G
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