Angry Bystander Drags Animal Abusing A**hole Around by a Leash

A dog owner allegedly dragging his dog around gets a taste of his own medicine by an angry bystander.

If there is one thing the majority of people cannot tolerate, it is animal abuse. This poor dog can be seen with cuts and blood on its face after allegedly being dragged around on a leash by the owner.

A man who is believed to have witnessed the dog owner dragging the poor pup around takes matters into his own hands and gives the dog owner a taste of his own medicine. Several people in the background can be heard shouting at the man before he is drug around by a leash himself, and kicked in the torso a few times.

While it isn't quite clear who actually owns the dog, it's easy to speculate that the man accused of dragging the dog is the owner. The end of the video shows the dog (named Prada) being petted inside a house. The video reveals the dog is in “good” condition and is soon going to the vet. The person taking care of Prada says they are getting a new leash and collar for the dog.

While I do not condone the actions of the 'vigilante' I do hope the man accused of dragging the dog learned a valuable lesson that day and will think twice about being cruel to animals in the future because as he quickly found out that day, animal abuse is one of those things a lot of people will not tolerate and often take matters into their own hands.

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