Cop Puts on Oscar–Worthy Performance in McDonald's Drive-Thru

Quarantine, a looming recession, and nonstop protests have made the past few months really stressful for a lot of people. But this woman is way past her breaking point when she filmed herself having a full meltdown waiting in the McDonald's drive-thru.

She's apparently a police officer who was feeling hangry after a long shift. She tried to soothe herself with some Mickey D's, but when the order was taking much longer than expected, she burst out crying.

Then, when part of her order was brought out, she suddenly decided her life was in danger (???) and that she would give up on the delicious McMuffin after all. But maybe that's just a new crazy lady tactic the rest of us don't know about yet?

Whatever was going on, this woman looks absolutely pathetic and it's beyond me why she would film herself and post this little sob story. Is she hoping to get some sort of apology from McDonald's? Or free McDonald's for life?

Actually, if that works then it's not a bad plan at all. I'd film myself crying even for a free large fries.

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