Ukrainian Forces Take Out a Convoy of Russian Tanks

This extraordinary footage was released by the Ukrainian military on Thursday and shows a convoy of armored Russian tanks coming under fire from Ukrainian forces while they made their way toward Kyiv.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has now entered the second week of the conflict, and more than a million Ukrainians have reportedly fled the country, many more are staying trying to escape.

We still don't have solid tallies on the number of fatalities, but some suspect Russian causalities are in the low thousands, while the Ukrainian casualties are believed to be slightly lower.

What was a shock at first has now started to baffle many military experts as Russia's invasion seems rather ill-planned at best. Tanks running out of gas, soldiers with low morale. The issue isn't what Russia has done that confuses strategists, it's what they haven't, and that's planning.

We have these false beliefs about how wars are won, but when you take away all the tanks and guns, it really comes down to one thing, logistics.
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