Soccer Player Delivers Most Overacted Flop of All Time

In this MLS game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and FC Toronto, Galaxy forward Javier Hernández Balcázar put on an acting show that could make any soccer player jealous, feigning being grabbed by two Toronto players who were hardly touching him, and screaming until eventually falling to the ground. The stunt looked more like something out of a youth game, with a kid begging his parents to step in and give him the help he so desperately needs, but no, it was a professional player.

Soccer has developed quite the bad reputation for embarrassing flops, and in an American market where almost all sports fans turn to Baseball Basketball or Football, shaking the "not tough" stereotype could be a key to gaining more fans. Unfortunately, this incident, and those like it, do not help the MLS's cause. Balcázar should be quite embarrassed with himself, and there definitely needs to be more done to punish players for this level of deceitfulness, especially considering the horrible optics it repeatedly brings to the sport.
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