Security Guard Calmly Dominates Two Ruffians With Beautiful Skills

In an awesome demonstration of firm but gentle dominance, we see a member of Swedish metro security going about his day when he spots what appears to be a street fight going down. The guard leaps into action, blindsiding one attacker with one hell of a blast double and, when the other guy seems about to step in and get a few revenge shots against the other guy, dishing out one of the sweetest leg sweeps you'll ever see in the wild.

The clip had actually floated through the internet for a few years now, resurfacing every now and then, before suddenly going viral once again with a vengeance. In a world where too many people seem all to ready to hulk smash their way out of every confrontation, we have to applaud not only the technical prowess of the security guard but also his confidence in his ability to control the situation. Dispatching non-destructive means of subduing not one but two people in the heat of a street fight is one hell of a feat.

The clip is actually from a Swedish documentary series similar to Cops called Tunnelbanan that follows Swedish security personnel around as they work their beat.
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