The Shopping Cart Theory Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About a Person's Character

Sometimes even 4chan can be pretty poetic. This theory does not apply to countries that require coins to activate shopping carts, as you must return the cart to retrieve said coin. So if you aren't in the U.S, you'll have to find another way to test a person's character.

The Shopping Cart Theory is a great thought experiment about what it means to partake in "civil" society. The main message we can take from this theory is that how you act when there are no direct consequences is a reflection not just of you, but of the society you are a part of.

Does not returning your shopping cart to the cart rack make you a bad person? And in turn, does returning the carts neglected by others make you holier than thou? We aren't saying that exactly, we're just asking questions.

So next time you see someone leave their shopping cart in the middle of a parking space, think back to this video and reflect on how superior you are to them.
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