Therapist Changes His Name after People Confuse Him For Something Else Entirely

When choosing a handle for social media people often go for fun and or straightforward names, like their real name, if it’s available, or a name that describes who they are and what they do. However, sometimes the handles we create for ourselves can have some very different meanings to those who follow us online.

A therapist on TikTok recently learned this lesson the hard way, after a follower asked him to change his handle because they were concerned people would, "miss read it." Zach's TikTok handle at the time was @thetherapistzach. It has since been changed to @_therapist_zach. We promise this isn't some dress-test, but if you weren't sure Zach is a therapist, not a rapist.

In a video where he addresses one of his followers asking him for a name change, Zach says, “did I ever once think to myself this sounds like something other than what it does? No.” At the time of his posting, he said he would have to wait 30 days before changing his handle.

Zach ends his video by saying, “as a THERAPIST, I talk to my clients all the time about making mistakes, and I guess this is mine.”
@_therapist_zach Replying to @bruhhhsoundeffect2 Pobody’s nerfect. #therapist #fail ♬ original sound - Zach Leezer, LCSW
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