Bumbling Idiot Attackers Get Owned by "Victim" Who Takes one of Their Guns and Shoots the Other

Violence is one of those things most of us don't really think about. Of course, the possibility is in the back of our minds and may be more prevalent depending on whatever current situation you are in, but it is typically not a constant worry for most people. As you see in the following video, it can happen to anyone at any time and while you can't really expect the unexpected, it is worth doing your best to be aware of your surroundings and keeping your wits about you when you are out and about.

A robbery victim fought back, and police believe he possibly shot one of his attackers after wrestling a gun free from one of them. Philadelphia Police are looking for two suspects. Video footage shows two suspects getting out of a dark SUV and then fighting with the victim in the street. He makes quick work of one of the men before winding up with his attacker's gun and firing a shot that appears to hit the other attacker.
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