Judge Baffled by 'Sugar Daddy' Excuse During Jury Selection for Parkland Shooting

Doing Jury Duty is never fun. On top of sitting around doing nothing for hours, there come times when you are called in front of a Judge, and have to deal with the possibility that you could be assigned as a juror and be forced to come back for weeks or months more, missing out on your actual life for a crazy trial that might determine someone else's.

That situation was probably compounded, as the trial in question here was none other than the infamous Parkland shooting, that saw 17 people murdered and many more injured at a Parkland school. Despite the fact that the shooter has pleaded guilty, he is still facing trial and that is a jury I would do anything not to be on. This woman probably had the same feeling, and gave a list of dates she couldn't make it, along with a hilarious excuse.

She claimed she was married, and had to see her sugar daddy every day. Now we don't blame her for wanting to get out of jury duty, but what a thing to say at that trial! I suppose we can't pass judgment. After all, from her description it sounds like a full time job.
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