'I'm Going to Sit Here and Yell Until You Call the Police Because You Guys Are Idiots': Woman Refused Service By Post Office For Her Bad Behavior

"You're going to take this elsewhere. You're not going to have my stamp on it." That's what a post office worker told this angry woman, who claimed she was refused information to help her send a package.

"I asked her very nicely to tell me," the woman said. That seems doubtful, based on her textbook Karen disposition. 

"I'm calling the supervisor, I have the direct line," she screams. "I'm going to sit here and yell until you call the police because you guys are idiots." As experienced post office employees, the workers seem unbothered. "What's this bitch's name?" the woman yells. "Whatever your name is" the employee fires back. 

"A giant spray bottle for each employee should be standard issue," one person commented. "Girl I work in the post office too I swear we get the most unhinged customers of them all." The video's poster, N1nabadass, shared a screenshot of a post office policy in a follow-up video that allows workers to refuse service for disorderly conduct. Take that Karens!

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