Woman Says Her Ex Who Pretended to Have Terminal Cancer Stole Her Story from ‘The Fault in Our Stars'

If this doesn't inspire you to question the fate of humanity, we don't know what will.

Author John Green, who has a prominent presence on TikTok shared a video celebrating the 11-year anniversary of his novel, 'The Fault in Our Stars' and he received a stitch from a woman who tells that will make you drop your jaw.

Like most TikTok's, her video begins normally enough, but the more she talks, the more you realize she's seen the face of the devil and has lived to tell his tales.

She recounts the time when she read the novel John is celebrating in his tweet and how it helped her catch an ex in a lie that could have only come from the plot of his novel because it did.

She says her former partner who claimed to have terminal cancer is still alive and we think this TikTok would make a great sequel to John's novel.
@yayakampen #stitch with @literallyjohngreen lol great story tho. really had me believing #faultinourstars #munchausensyndrome #factitiousdisorder ♬ original sound - Yaya
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