eBaum's World upload for prizes.

Did you know you can upload content at eBaum's World and get paid to do it? It's true. All users have access to an easy-to-use tool that allows them to create and share content, get their name on the home page, and earn cool prizes for doing it.

Today we want to introduce you to our flippin' awesome Upload tool so you can start sharing your own content. Let's get started.

Here In My Garage

When you create a piece of content you'll immediately earn eBones for your submission. You'll also get additional eBones depending on the popularity of the content.

So what the crap are eBones? Well, it's a type of currency that's immune to government collapse and armageddon. Like Bitcoin, it's decentralized and impenetrable. It's the kind of thing you want when the world goes to hell, and can use to buy cool stuff when the world is perfectly fine.

Check out our prize store here.

Using eBones you can order swag packs and cash from our prizes section. Then, you can brag to your friends about how you made money on eBaum's World uploading meme galleries. Your friends will certainly be jealous. 

So Famous, Such Easy 

We feature roughly 420 (nice) pieces of user created content per month. This content gets rotation on the front-page, and is also shared across social media where millions of readers check out our content every week.

This content can be created in just a couple minutes, and can be anything from a cool police chase video you saw on YouTube, to a gallery of memes, or even a list of hilarious fails.

So, not only are you getting paid to contribute to eBaum's World's content rotation, but it will make you famous with minimal effort. Forget your side-job, electronic baldman's world will make your wildest dreams will come true.

How To Do It Live

Step 1. Sign in at www.ebaumsworld.com.

Step 2. Click 'Upload' on the top right.

Step 3. Select a media type. Video and Gallery are the most popular, but the new Blog tool has the most potential for creating custom content.

Step 4. Fill out your media item. In all cases you'll need to write-in a title and description before submission. Depending on the media type, you'll also need to select the images to upload (gallery), video (video), or text content (blog). Below is an example of a gallery. When done, click 'Submit'.

When your submission is successfully submitted, it'll be added to the Newest section where other readers and eBaum's World staff can see it. 

Your Next Chapter

Okay, so now you've created a piece of content that other people can see. Cool. Now what?

Well, you can edit the piece by visiting the Submissions section of your profile. From here you can tidy things up, add a thumbnail, and make sure it's ready for primetime.

If you put effort into your piece, chances are we're going to feature it. However, you're welcome to contact a staff member to let us know you uploaded something you're super duper proud of, and see if it can be tossed up on the front page for your Mom and all of electronic baldman's world to see.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Have any questions? If so, feel free to shoot myself or another staff member a message. Every day we're on the lookout for user submitted content to feature on the front page and share on social media. We look forward to seeing your spicy memes.