Donald Savastano was just 52-years-old when he passed away from stage four brain and lung cancer. Donald three weeks prior to his death had purchased a lottery scratcher which won him 1 million big ones. And what did he do? Usually, lottery winners take a grand vacation or quit their jobs, but Donald Savastano, who was self-employed and without health insurance, went and saw a doctor. 

When he won the money he said, "this is going to change our lives", but sadly he didn't know the full extent of his health issues. A friend of Mr. Savastano said that he hadn't been feeling well for some time and so he checked himself into the hospital. 

Mr. Savastano is like many Americans. Self-employed and unable to afford health care, he was forced to ignore his own health for his lack of money and it ultimately led to his death. It's ironic and terribly sad that only after winning 1 million dollars was he able to get the care he so badly needed and quite frankly deserved. Hopefully, the rest of his winnings can be given to his family and friends so that they don't suffer the same fate. 

People online found the story both telling of our nations current situation and completely devistating.