For those of you who don't know, Logan Paul is a popular YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers and the older brother to fellow YouTube scab Jake Paul. It's only the second day of 2018 and we already have our first controversy. Enter 2018, in what should be a joyous year of memes and painless jokes, but no, because people like Logan Paul refuse to be decent human beings. It's like an episode of 'Black Mirror' or more telling a Logan Paul vlog, which if you've ever seen one you know is just a plug for his clothing line. 

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In the video below Logan and his friends find a dead guy hanging from a tree while hiking through Japan's infamous suicide forest. The initial shock on his face is replaced with a cheerful smirk as he decided to not cut the camera but instead film a dead man for his YouTube channel. Now, any normal functioning person would turn off the camera, bust into tears and go grab the authorities, but not Logan. Logan walks up within feet of the body, smiling and cracking jokes. 

** Warning: Graphic **

Here's a rough cut of all the smirks and laughing he and his friends try to hold back while standing just feet away from a dead person. 

The original video has since now been deleted from his channel but that was only after people started calling him out on Twitter. 

Logan Paul's response came in two waves. The original message came quickly after Twitter started to blow up and the video below was from earlier this morning after the story began to create serious traction. 

It's only the second day of 2018 and the new year is already taking heads. But sadly this is about more than just the crumbling brand of a 22-year-old YouTube star, this is a sign of just how narcissistic and out of touch the world of social media truly is.