0 Risk WoW Power Leveling Is Possible?

Thousands of accounts get banned each month because they were leveled by a company that cuts corners. They bot you and say it is human, they guarantee 500 gold and sell the rest, they put your account on the same IP address or use foreign IP addresses.


Every company except ours in the industry gets suspensions and we don’t want to hide the fact that it happens. So we want to give you our average suspension rate on the services we offer. So you can make a rational decision on what works best for you.


Why 0% Risk is possible?

1.Our hand leveling staff only plays up to 8 hours in total a day on your account. This lowers the risk of suspensions is 0 but increases required much time to complete the order. And we will set up your IP based proxy server to connect the game, there's no way for blizzard to reveal this by IP address.  


More informations, please check 0% risk power leveling page.



Refund policy:

We provide immediate, FULL refunds when bans happen. Our policy is simple: No bullshit.

MrsWoW Team

Uploaded 06/24/2008
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