10 better things to do at KMART

-Act like you are an employee, and tell other customers that the store is closing in five minutes.
-Change the price on something at the end of an asile to $1.00 by removing numbers, and see how long it takes before someone throws a fit at the register.
-Ask everyone you see whree the bathroom is.  Tell then it is an emergency.
-Sit in the women's undergarment section, and stare at every woman who goes shopping in there like you are trying to imagine them in whatever they are looking at.
-Grab a chocolate bar and use it to make racing stripes in the underwear. 
-Load a porno in the display DVD player. 
-Drop your pants, shove a lightbulb up you ass, and tell everyone you are the blue light special. 
-Grab a display car seat, put a baby doll in it, drop it in a cart, and push the cart through the main aisle as fast as you can, and let it go. 
-Walk down a busy aisle with a can of Fart spray, let some go, then start asking people, "Who did that?" 
-Copy this gay blog and tape copies up all over the store and see if anyone has such a boring life that they actually try any of this.


Uploaded 05/18/2008
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