10 Strange but Actual Happenings....

1) An Italian stripper, Gina Lalapola, was found dead inside a cake she was supposed to leap from at a bachelor party in Cosenza in 1995. She had lain suffocated inside the sealed wooden cake for more than an hour before her death was discovered.

2) The Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones once admitted ejaculating into a French bread roll and feeding it to fellow band member Glen Matlock as mayonaisse.

3) In August 1983 The Times reported that a man living in West Germany had found a human finger in his bread finger-roll.

4) In 1997 a couple from Carlisle, Craig Wilde and Simone Rooney, found a six-inch bloodstained hypodermic needle inside a half-eaten loaf purchased from a local supermarket.

5) Pope Sergius III enjoyed sex with under-aged girls and, according to the historian Baronius, was "the slave of every vice". When he was 45 he took a 15 year old mistress, Marozia: the affair produced a son who went on to become pope John XI!

6) German scientists involved in car safety research at the University of Heidelberg routinely use human crash dummies, including the corpses of children.

7) When the mistress of the nineteenth-century French novelist Eugene Sue died, she willed him her skin, with instructions that he should bind a book with it. He did.

8) The holy Roman Emperor Henry VI liked to cheer up his troops by having nuns stripped then smeared with honey, then decorated with feathers and sent on horseback through the ranks of cheering men.

9) A man from Silver Spring, Maryland became infected with rabies in 1996 after he admitted having sex with a diseased racoon. He was charged with animal cruelty

10) Middle Eastern cave paintings reveal that men once believed sex with female crocodiles would bring success in life. 

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