12 year old british kids sure are fun

So I'm a pretty big fan of Halo and being so I frequently visit it's website to share my views with other Halo fans and what-not. They have a forum over there and some little British kid decided to post a thread about how Americans are racist and do nothing but stereotype the British into tea-drinking dolts. He then attempted to say that they prefer coffee and it was the Italians who invented it (?) and that Americans should be thankful for all Europe has to offer blah blah blah. He also claimed that the British have the best special forces and American doesn't have the best army in the world.

So me being the wonderful, logical person I am decided to help him out by disproving pretty much everything he said and trying to show him where these stereotypes come from. (I swear it's not because I enjoy picking on little kids and being an asshole over the internet) I tell him that its the media that stereotypes the British and we have nothing over here that proves otherwise. As well, I tried to show him that the SAS isn't the best, the Russians have the best, coffee was "invented" by Arabs, America has the best trained military in the world, blah blah blah. Him, being the moron he is, decided to PM me (big mistake because moderators don't keep an eye on PM's so it's all fair game at that point). Here is what ensued.



You really need a break. First off, the Chinese and the Russians have a much better army than any other in the world. Deal with it! Secondly, I said the Italians invented coffee, not coffee beans. You probably thought coffee grew in a state much like the drink, you being American and all that. And I'm sorry, SAS is the best."

To which I replied with a link to a website proving that it was the general consensus in the scientific community that Arabs "invented" coffee. Then reminded him of when America kicked British ass and saved it twice, the SAS wasn't the best, it was the Russians, threw some insults in there to incite him even further. Let's be honest here, this was quite fun. There is more, but for some reason the website doesn't save sent messages. He again replied to me this


Wow, go get a life. You're so racist. Since when did you save our asses. Certainly not ever. If you're thinking about the world wars, sorry mate, we were wining without you and would have won if you didn't. And when did you kick our asses? If you're thinking about the civil war, you are so wrong. First off, there were much more important things happening, like our own civil wars. Secondly, we didn't really care about controlling some fat yanks, whose country would become the worst in the world. Thats ok, we understand, you've been cut of from the rest of the world for so long you have simply evolved into fat idiots. Face it, you're american, everyone hates you. You're so stupid you turn an anti-racist debate into a coffee one. And the Spetnaz is not even along the best of troops, where the Britsh SAS is first. And China and Russia have the best armies, they would own all the other armies. The Russians have huge arsenals of nuclear missiles, which they could use to reduse any other country to dust. So move to a REAL countries, with real food instead of Hamburgers. You are an idiot. Goodbye"

I'm sure I've lost your attention at this point so I wont go into what I responded with. Just know that I did continue to insult him and remind him that since he has absolutely nothing to back up his statements what his dad tells him really doesn't matter in the real world, US has more nukes than Russia, typical shit just to anger him further. There really is no point to this blog, I am just super bored and find it really funny when people try to argue points but have no proof to back them up. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if not, then I'm glad i wasted your time. Remember folks, do you part to control population, spay and neuter your kids.



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