1st blog - The Day the Music Died.

*1st time blogging, ever, not other sites.*
Has the day the music died already came and went?

Where is our society going with music? How can someone even consider 'signing' something like that 'made on 80's plastic toy noise maker' filth like "Owl City"? It's like a boy-band made in a nursery.

Boycott corporate music. Continue to avoid watching 'TV' music channels.

Destroy music in the 'nu metal' category or the hordes of retarded death metal bands that fail to have an original sound. Nu-glam rock should be grouped together and burned.

All Babylon whores like Britney and the likes shall be grouped into a large city in Iran and nuked (two birds with one stone).

All country or pop songs featuring 15 year-olds are to be suspended and no longer produced, and anyone who bought them who isn't 15 years old is to be slapped. New country music needs to stop singing about 'beer and mexico' and the 'comedy acts' are far too many.

Old acts that try to make new music should not continue - "give up the ghost". I've seen and heard people asking for 'real rock' because so much of the new music has no guitars or just someone holding a guitar who doesn't know how to use it.

Has the day the music died already passed?

Localization may be key (NO MORE CORPORATE MUSIC).

Get 'the band' back together. So many bands have quit or the members have a 'baby' or 'get married'. How does their minuscule unimportant life measure up to being in 'the band'?

The guys who went to high school in the 90's and 2000' (like myself) need to start being more creative and not worry about negative reviews and try to make some original junk.
No more Fear of Failure (FOF). Screw the trolls who may mock your band, we still need you to ROCK!
Uploaded 07/30/2011
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