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     Across Appalachia, the snow was being measured in feet, not inches this week. The clean-up crews and snow plows had cleared a lane on the Interstate for travel. Driving my old four wheel drive, I had no worries. But Ed and I thought it a good idea to CHAIN up my tires, just in case. Driving over snow is ok, but no one can drive on that damn ice.

     This ride had already taken twice as long as it would normally take, over an hour to the big town. I got off my exit and had to NEEDLE my way through the hills and turns, on uncleared secondary roads, to my destination. I was on my way to Lowe's to pick up some supplies. The old man had me working on an extension for his back patio and wanted to close it in. He sure picked a great time of the year for this project. I had worked the past couple of nights, well past MIDNIGHT, tearing down the patio corners and routing wires in the interior walls, to prepare for this project. I couldn't complain much. The old man kept me busy, and he paid me well. Working for him had helped me to make changes in my life that I couldn't before. My life was GOOD, and it appeared that things would be this way for a while.

     I got the load of timbers to surround Ed's spring time FLOWER GARDEN as well as supplies for the patio, and some interior wood strips that Ed wanted to replace. He wanted me to get it all in one trip. I know I'll be going back for something later though. Always do. So I headed back home as quickly as possible. I knew I'd not make it back to Ed's place very soon, completely at the MERCY of the EVIL, winding roads ahead. So I drove through at Arby's for a meal. Being so late upon my return, I would not expect Ed to have a table spread of food waiting for me.

     The ride back seemed longer, maybe because of the load on my truck. I noticed when I pulled into Ed's driveway, he had turned down the lights, as he always did just before going to bed. So I didn't disturb the old man. I unloaded everything into the shed below the house and headed to home.

     Lying in my bed, I began to wonder if maybe I should have let Ed know I made it in ok. Surely he heard me outside. Maybe? Was he ok? Should I have checked in on him before leaving?

Damn it. When is that old man gonna get a goddamn telephone installed? I wouldn't be making this trip back to his house in the middle of the fuckin night if he had a goddamn telephone.
Well, shit.
Uploaded 07/28/2011
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