2 neighbors of mine that can go to hell.

Well I'm assuming it was my neighbors, or that house 5 houses down the street that hates my Brother for whatever reason (my brother lives across the street from me BTW), but what a surprise to get a letter from the city stating that I need to take care of my weeds and bushes in my yard, or they'll fine me $90 for the notice, and $90 an hour for the people to come and clean up my yard for me.

Really, my Yard isn't that bad at all, I had 2 weeds that were a little big, and I know this, but seriously I have a 3 month old baby at home and if I'm not at work trying to pay the bills I'm at home trying to give my wife a little relief from watching the baby all the time. The only time I get to do yard work is the weekends, and I spent 5 hours just this past weekend cleaning up bushes and trees that were starting to overgrow the back end of my backyard.

So I have this notice from the city which really doesn't say which weeds/bushes need care, which worries me as there is a huge hedge that borders my yard the entire length of my backyard. I tend to let it do it's thing, as I don't have hedge clippers (why would I, I don't have a hedge on my property), and it's on the city's property. They could be referring to the brush/tree cuttings from last weekend that I have piled in the back yard drying out so I can cut them down safer and easier, I just don't know.

But here's the kicker, so far as I know the city doesn't just drive around in cars looking at people's yards and writing them fine notices to clean up, and even if they did my yard is a hell of a lot cleaner then a lot of yards in my area. So, 1+1=someone likely called the city to complain, and I can only think of 2 possibilities. My direct Next Door Neighbor, who gets pissed off when I cut my grass and the grass blows onto his sidewalk (I don't bag or throw out I leave it on the grass to decomp and feed the grass), and the white trash family that rents a house 4 house in the other direction who are in a hate war with my brother, and anyone whose friends with him.

My neighbors right next door are nice enough but we have problem with them all the time. The gentleman who lives there has this thing for shoveling his sidewalk, at any hour of the day, and I mean any hour. There is a path right between our houses he always shovels every night, usually at 4am, if not he might wait till 5 or 6. He also likes to cut his grass at the crack of dawn, or run whatever power tools he needs to work on whatever job he has going. Now they don't like me because of the afore mentioned grass blowing on their sidewalk (which btw is half on my property), and because I don't use weed n Feed on my lawn so my weeds tend to blow on his lawn.

Couple number 2 is the epitome of white trash. Currently there is over 9 people, not including children, crammed into this 2 bedroom rental unit. They have 3 or 4 kids, and about 5 unlicensed dogs. For whatever reason they have it in their heads that my Brother called the CAS on them, and in return have called the CAS on my brother 3 times, claiming everything from My brother and his wife leaving their kids alone for hours on end (this would never happen) to them being unfit parents. Hello... Pot... this is the kettle...

I can't stand people like this. My neighbors on the other side of me from Shoveling man are moving out because the police have been sent to their house 3 or 4 times now on suspicion of Mysterious behavior. 2 guesses who called them, these poor people have lived in this house for over 30 years as a family, the fact that their kids like to tease my dog is the only bad thing I've noted with them.

So now I go home and "de-weed" and clean up my yard. Whooppee. I hope I find out who called so I can have a little chat with them.

Uploaded 08/14/2008
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