26 years ago today...

...I was 14 years old and out playing with my friends in warm, sunny southern California. We didn't have a care in the world. Skateboarding, riding a friends moped and hanging out at the mall.

Vince, Gregg, Donnie and myself. Vince and I were skateboarding while Gregg and Donnie were taking a turn on the moped. This was 1984 people! No helmet laws, shit, no laws of any kind really. We could do as we pleased. We were good kids though, no tagging or stealing, just hanging out and having fun. Then it happened.....

A girl of maybe 17 pulled into the parking lot in an old 70's beater truck. She was going way too fast. She hit Gregg and Donnie on the moped. Gregg went flying...later he would spend several days in the hospital and recover. Donnie was pinned with the moped under the truck's crank case. She didn't stop! Vince and I ran after her yelling. When she finally stopped there wasn't much of Donnie left....fuck....he was only 13!

Donnie's parents were never the same again. They quit taking phone calls. We rarely saw them out and about. The girl was acquited of manslaughter charges and nobody ever saw her again. That day fucked us up pretty good.


I miss you Donnie.



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