Well, sinse you need 270 electoral votes to become our President, it should be obvious who our next Commander and Chief is.  This isn't a blog to "rub it in" or make wild "IN YO FACE" comments.  I just want everyone's take on this.  And yes, if the voting process did go the other way, I would still be writting this blog (yes I would, no...don't...yes I would.  Stop arguing). 

First off, here's my take on this.  Holy freaken Jesus fucking Christ!!! 284-146?! I expected a closer match than this.  Now this tells me a whole bunch of things about the american people.  1).  The majority of American's are anti-american  2).  The majority of Americans are socialists  3).  The majority of Americans are terrorists.  (Ok, now I'm rubbing it in...just a bit.)  But seriously, that's got to be a 140 point lead, like if you doubled the losers points, it would almost EQUAL the winners.  Now I'm trying my best to be civilised here.  (I can tell it's not working).

Let's try this again:  Holy freaken Jesus fucking Christ!!! 284-146?!  Wow...I didn't even expect this.  Now I realise that a number of factors played into this, like sympathy votes, the "black pride" that's been going on, and maybe even those intelligent voters who read up on the topics (just maybe?  I don't know...could be).  That all aside, we have our new president, and while this may be the first (I hope) political blog after the Presidency, it isn't the last. 

Now let's just sit back and let the Obamanator ruin or save this country of ours.  K?

PS: Bring the hate on.

Uploaded 11/04/2008
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