3 Years Later, Enter Gustva

August 29th would make it 3 years since Hurricane Katrina knocked some of the levee's  down around New Orleans. What do they get for turning the city around and rebuilding? Another Hurricane that is almost head right towards them! This could happen at anytime or any place, but why does it have to hit the same spot so close to the date when the other one happened? Will the levee's hold this time? Will FEMA drop the ball again? Will Kanye West remind us that "George Bush doesn't like black people!"? Or will everybody have learned from their lesson 3 years ago and everything and everyone will be alright? From what I've been watching on the news....a lot of people are evacuated already, but I did see interviews with the homeless in New Orleans and a hand full want to ride it out. The new's reporters offered them a ride to be evacuated, but only a few would leave. It is just sad and scary that mother nature is going to throw another hurricane at these people 3 years after the worst natural disaster in American History!

Hopefully everyone and everything will be alright, but you never know what will come next. Let's just hope for the best and plan for the worse.....that is all you can do.

Uploaded 09/01/2008
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