30th Birthday on New Year's Eve.

Having a birthday on New Year's Eve fucking sucks.  Turning thirty sucks.  What's worse, is having your thirtieth birthday fall on New Year's Eve. 


Imagine a world that requires you to work on your birthday, no matter how much of a milestone it is or how important it is.  Your company has said that YOU MUST, NO MATTER WHAT, work on your birthday.  You cannot take a sick day, and you cannot even take your holidays then without a special written request. 


Then, imagine a world full of family and friends that, no matter how much of a milestone your birthday is, they go away and/or do their own thing.  When people ask what you want for your birthday, all you ever said was for someone to throw you a surprise party.  But, no one can because no one wants to celebrate someone's birthday (even their THIRTIETH birthday) on New Year's Eve. 


But the truth is, I don't have any friends that give a shit enough about me to even acknowledge my birthday let alone plan a party for me or spend time with me on my birthday.  And, I could have forced some of my family members to stay put, but, what's the point?  My family doesn't really know who I am, so I wouldn't be completely myself around them anyways.  The only one I really have is my fiance, and he's not even here with me because no one's allowed to take New Year's Eve off.


Happy Fucking 30th Birthday to me, and a Shitty New Year to you.

Uploaded 12/31/2008
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