5 Things The Japanese Stole From Others You Probably Didn't Know

I'm often surprised when some people say that the Japanese have such unique sense for music and those gay ass cartoons they call anime. From what I understand, the Japanese "culture" is often perceived as cartoons and shitty movies. But how is this stuff Japanese if it was borrowed from other countries and turned to crap?

1. Manga - the classic black and white comic books about some gay boy romanse or giant robots or pre-teen girls. When the Japanese saw the awesome American comic books like Spider-Man or Batman, they probably thought they could get a lot of money out of them if they adapted them. Of course, the Americans were clueless about the comic books, so they had to be modified - leave them raw and black and white, and change the theme. Superheroes? Gimme a break! Put gay romanse, pedophilia, school girls and giant tentacles and it's interesting.


2. Horror Movies - retarded people often say that the American cinema steals ideas from the Japanese in their horror flicks. There was a hype for Ring-ish movies remade into American hits, but how is that cinema Japanese? Almost every Japanese horror movie is pure shit, with awful acting, long, boring pointless scenes and almost zero action for half an hour building the tension for a 10 second scene with a ghost of a little girl. The Korean and Thai horror movies are masterpieces, the Japanese are more interested in cheap gore (which is an American invention) or the same shitty concept of a monster coming after you as a girl's or boy's ghost or a stupid urban legend that doesn't make sense (for example a demon of a woman who slits peoples throats if they drink champagne on their birthday but can't attack you if you have a tomato in your pocket).


3. Anime - since it differs so much from the cartoons in America, you might think it's not a rip off and something original. No, that shit is adapted into the Japanese standards and there you have the cartoons about teenage girls being raped by giant monsters and homosexual romanse. You also have super hero plots but that's usually filled with pedophilia, incest and gore.


4. J-Pop - if you look at the girl bands you'll see what this is. A bunch of girls are chosen by casting each year to form a band that's gonna sell millions of albums. Unlike in Korea where the girls have talent and look feminine, in Japan it's usually squeeky school girls dressed in skimpy clothes, to attract the pedophiles. But what about the boys? The boys can dress up as women and sell some shit to the homosexuals and weeaboos in America (almost nobody in Japan listens to tranny bands, since they are something comparable to Peruvian flute music - some people buy it, but most don't admit they'd listen to that garbage).


5. Video games - this might be the ONLY example of adapting something right in Japan. Who would come up with a game about an Italian plumber eating mushrooms and jumping 40 feet up onto stone blocks and fought turtles to save the princess? Crack heads.... I mean, the Japanese.


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